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  1. 2! GL650's for sale!

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello fellow enthusiasts, I've decided to sell my 2 GL650's, both running. One is close to a show bike, I've been told it's the cleanest example of a GL650 some people have seen since 1983, I have put a fair amount of miles on her, mostly interstate to the BRP, I live in Southeast Virginia...
  2. UK/London, FOR SALE - CX500 project with CBR600RR front end, AND CG125

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hi guys and girls, OK, so i'll try and keep this as short as possible. mid-2015 I bought a 2nd hand working '81 Honda CX500 on Gumtree and got to work turning it into the cafe racer of my dreams. The bike ran fine but needed a 'triple bypass' as it had done about 90k miles. I got to work and...
  3. Good deal on a first bike?

    General Discussion
    What I'm looking at is a Bobbed 1981 CX500. I've been wanting to get a motorcycle for quite some time, but have only been seriously looking to buy for a few weeks. I wouldn't be opposed to something a bit newer or sportier, but I also really dig the look and style of certain bobbers. This one...
  4. Parting Out 1980 CX500 Custom

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've been on here. After a lot of thought, I have decided to part out my bike. I just don't ride anymore, and it's taking up a lot of room in my garage. It was fun while it lasted, but I need the money and space, plus I'll be moving cross country soon. I...
  5. 1983 cx650c for sale

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Selling my Cx due to the fact I have no time and need the money. The runs great and has no body damage. It has 3995 miles on it!!!!!! It's missing the left side cover tho. Call or text me 937 564 2868if you are looking to buy thank you please no trades and was trying to get $3000 out of it due...
  6. Looking for CX500 Standard or Deluxe Fuel Tank

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I am looking to change the tank on my '79 500C to the larger tank from a Standard or Deluxe. Please let me know if you have one for sale and what you would want for it. Thanks!
  7. 1979 CX500 cafe project for sale

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey guys, I have been restoring a 1979 CX500 for the past year and a half. This baby sat since '82 and I was able to bring her back to life. While I have learned invaluable lessons from my CX, I have reached a point where I really just want to road trip with my husband on a more reliable...
  8. Selling 1980 CX500 Custom Parts in Ontario

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey everyone, Some of you may have already seen my build thread, but now I am starting to sell any old components that I no longer need. If you're interested in anything below let me know and I'll try to get a shipping quote for you. Just a heads up, most of the items are in rough shape so if...
  9. GL650 For Sale in Tucson, AZ

    Selling and Buying Forum
    For sale is a 1983 Honda GL650 with a clear title. It wouldn't really be fair to list this as not a project, even though you could ride it home as long as you lived within about 25 miles. I just rode the bike here from Maryland about 6 weeks ago and it was absolutely flawless until I arrived...
  10. For Sale 1980 CX500

    Selling and Buying Forum
    In good condition, new tires, exaust pipes and battery. And Origional Polaris
  11. Selling 78' Honda CX500

    Selling and Buying Forum
    FOR SALE! We are looking to sell our 1978 Honda CX500 and are ready to move it quickly. Priced to sell fast. It is fully in-tack but has no title, so this sale would be for parts only. As Is condition. No Key. $500 (shipping included) or $600 to for sales on west coast (shipping included)...