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  1. To seal my gas tank or not..?

    Technical Help Forum
    I'm about to have my gas tank painted and I'm going back and forth on whether I should seal it with Caswell or Red-Kote, or just keep the tank full of gas all the time. I de-rusted the tank a couple months back with Phosphoric Acid. After drying it I immediately sprayed it with WD-40 and...
  2. Removing Petcock and Filter Sleeve

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys I've taken my 1982 cx500 tank off to clean out rust. I'm going to be using the electrolysis method but I'm having trouble removing the petcock filter. The petcock and tube came out fine however there still appears to be a plastic liner in the tank connection. I assume this is the actual...
  3. new guy project 81 CX500

    General Discussion
    Joined forum for current and future advice. Here's how goes. Brother bought his first bike. Its a 81 cx500. Off the bat we were told pitcock wasn't working and battery wouldn't charge. Ok fine, figured clean the pitcock filter, test the stator and regulator/rectifier. Upon checking pitcock...
  4. Rusty Gas tank clean and tank Lined with Red kote. Basic how to

    Technical Help Forum
    I'm a complete newbie to any type of mechanical work, so reading these forums has most definitely helped. For someone with little to no confidence in what i'm doing pictures and seeing someone else do it help a lot. So I figured I would start small and post about my results of cleaning my tank...