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  1. Rusty valves

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, I'm in the process of restoring an 82 GL500. I've just completed a carb clean/rebuild and while cleaning the boots I noticed a potential problem. Here is how it was left when I bought it; carbs off, boots loose. Here's the inside, both sets of intake valves have rust. So what am I to...
  2. To seal my gas tank or not..?

    Technical Help Forum
    I'm about to have my gas tank painted and I'm going back and forth on whether I should seal it with Caswell or Red-Kote, or just keep the tank full of gas all the time. I de-rusted the tank a couple months back with Phosphoric Acid. After drying it I immediately sprayed it with WD-40 and...
  3. cx500 Seat Ideas

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hey everyone, This is my first cafe racer so I wanted to get some advise. I bought my Honda CX500D while stationed in England and brought back stateside with me. When I bought is the guy had already tore the bike down and failed at building it back up so I'm still finding things wrong with it...
  4. Tank Lining - Feedback

    General Discussion
    Going to do the POR-15 Motorcycle Tank Kit on my bike... got most of the crud out finally after weeks of sloshing/soaking in solvents (other thread). Thought I'd see if anyone else has done this, what their results were like, and if they have any advice when doing it. Watched a few videos, saw...
  5. Cleaning... well, everything

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, just got my first motorcycle, a '78 CX500 that's been in a barn apparently since '89. Gave the metal a spray down with GUNK and pressure washed it to see what I was working with and overall it seems ok, but there are some things that definitely need looked at before trying to start it...
  6. Frame Rot

    Technical Help Forum
    1981 CX500C I've read some comments on water gathering around the rear of the frame and them rotting out. I've seen water fill up the gusseted area on mine. I haven't seen anyone posting about a fix for it though. Has anyone located a good area for a drain hole so at least the water flows in...