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  1. RPM and Speed gauge readings fluctuating at high speed

    Technical Help Forum
    Noticed today on my 1983 CX650C that at around 70 mph, the rpm gauge needle fluctuates 500 rpm and the speed gauge needle fluctuates 4 mph while the engine and speed appear steady. Vibration is normal. Noticed this on backroads and on interstate. Motorcycle and engine have been operating...
  2. Acewell 2853 and RPM Input

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, it's been a couple of months since I bought my bike and am just now getting around to installing this thing. I'm having a problem with the RPM input (yellow cable) and don't know where to place it. The instructions say to wrap it around some cable between the CDI and the H.T. Coil...
  3. RPM issues, when in gear

    Technical Help Forum
    I have an '81 Honda Cx500 custom. I am having some issues with her though. When I am in gear it won't go over the 3 on my rpm gauge. It hits about 2 1/2 and then kicks around and starts to buck like a bronco. I have some backfiring when it starts, when I have it in neutral it seems to be able to...
  4. Technical help for a noob - RPM & cam chain questions

    Technical Help Forum
    I got my cx500 a few months ago and first time I ever rode a bike was in february. However, I have a degree in mechanical engineering and have always enjoyed DIY stuff so I have some basic knowledge and am trying to do all the work myself. I've fully taken apart the carbs, cleaned them...