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  1. Time for restoring the engine?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello I am currently in the process of restoring my bike, and therefore I am considering a full engine restore. Everything on the bike works properly, but in 5th gear on high rpms the engine stutters (which I think is the carbs?). So is it necessary or meaninful to tear the whole engine apart...
  2. CX500 '79 Refurbi-mod in NZ

    Build Threads
    Hi All For the last few months I have been beavering away on a CX500 i got from a mate last year. It had been in his shed for 15 years or so after he brought it from Australia to New Zealand. I did a deal for it after he said it was off to the scrapyard, as he had to shift house. By this time...
  3. Bringing a '78 CX500 Back to Life

    General Discussion
    New member here, and have never rode a motorcycle before in my life. I love working on my cars, and I thought a bike would be a easier/cheaper project to keep me busy. So I went out and spent $200 on a 1978 Honda CX500 that's been sitting for the past 11 years. Here she is in all of her current...
  4. Building an '81 GL

    Build Threads
    I've got big plans for this '81. I bought it for $200. The engine has 70k miles, turns over but is non-running. The carbs are gunky, the forks leak, the compression is down in the 120s, some of the electrical system appears to be fried, it's missing a LOT of parts, and it's just ugly in...