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  1. Stator replacement - What other jobs need doing?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi all. So my 1979 CX500 stator has continuity to ground, so seems like I need a replacement. First things first - it's a CDI model so am I right in thinking that its the G47 stator that I need? I found a site in the UK (where I am) that makes them but they seem to describe it as fitting the...
  2. Part numbers for GL500 interstate

    Where Can I Find...
    Hello I'm looking for parts for my new GL500 interstate. Eg: passenger seat, oil and air filters, plugs etc. I have encountered differences between the user manual and what people and wesites say. Can anyon ehlp me with a source for part numbers? Or just the parts numbers for the above? Thanx
  3. Cx500c Rear engine cover spring replacement

    Technical Help Forum
    I opened my engine up to replace gaskets and stretched this spring on accident. I haven't been able to find any replacements, should I just buy one that looks close enough from a store?
  4. Carburetor missing part, can't find replacement

    Technical Help Forum
    Earlier this week while riding my CX, my bike starting bogging down dramatically. I could barely reach 20mph. I have had this happen before and I have usually fixed it by thoroughly cleaning my carbs so when I made it home I removed them and began to disassemble. Before I got to far I realized...
  5. tearing cx500 apart

    Technical Help Forum
    hi everyone i'm from switzerland and i have a cx500 custom from 83. I customized it quite a bit. In the wintertime i plan to tear it apart and repaint all parts that Need this done. Now i have a few questions concertning this process and i'm thankful for all the advice i can get. I serched the...
  6. Replacing Stator on CX500A

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi all, I'm in the middle of replacing the stator on my CX500A (1980) So far I've removed the stator pictured below: My question is, the new stator that came with it has 6 wires and 3 block connectors, I'm presuming I follow all the wires 1 by 1 and connect them to the new block connectors...
  7. 81 CX500 Deluxe Fork Seal replacement HELP!!!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, New Member....I'm at the end of a long build and I need to replace my fork seals but every service manual has a different fork than is on the 81 cx500D and I can not for the life of me figure out how to take them apart, if someone can direct me to a service guide or has any info on...
  8. where can i purchase low jet emulsifier tube

    General Discussion
    where can i purchase low jet emulsifier tubefor my keihin carbs i damaged mine trying to remove to unclogg passage
  9. For Sale: OEM Sight glass replacement - front brake reservoir sight glass

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey guys, I recently had to replace the sight glass on my front brake reservoir. It was probably original, definitely damaged from years of riding, and broke when I was adjusting the grips. I looked around for replacements, but nothing local or online seemed like good options. I found a...
  10. 1978 crankshaft into 1979 CX500

    Technical Help Forum
    1978 crankshaft into 1979 CX500 [SOLVED] I'm in need of a crankshaft for my 1979 CX and found this one on ebay: 1978 78 Honda CX500 Crank Crankshaft AT LKQ Motorsports | eBay Mine has the same markings BB BB. Just wondering if this unit will drop right in? Price is decent and it looks to be in...
  11. Wanted: CX500 Deluxe Gas Tank

    Selling and Buying Forum
    soooooo... This weekend i had the lovely pleasure of having a driver do an un-signaled u turn in front of me. Needless to say his car suddenly became a large wall I just couldn't avoid. Many things were destroyed on the bike. All replaceable. The only thing I'm having issues finding is a decent...