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  1. Cx500 Carb overflowing

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi Guys, I've been trying to find a post on this specifically but I cant find any post of people with this issue that isn't a somewhat simple fix of tapping on the carb or adjusting a float. Not that I think i'm the first person to have this issue but I cant seem to find any posts. So, I...
  2. Advice on 82 CX500

    Technical Help Forum
    Last summer I had an issue with my bike and got a lot of help from all of you. But once I found very small/fine copper colored flakes in my oil filter the problem was past my ability. If i bring in my bike its going to pretty pricey to fix. If i try to fix it my self i wont be riding this...
  3. FS 83 CX650 Custom for repair or parts - backfires and power loss - in New Hampshire

    Selling and Buying Forum
    SOLD - For Sale $400 OBO - Parts or Repair - Honda 83 CX650 Custom - 23,000 miles, black , ran great until two days ago, had to make a hard stop with quick downshifts to help stop and afterwards lots of back firing and power loss rough idle but still drives. Not sure what is wrong and no tools...
  4. Oil leak through the cooling fan

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi Guys! Im new to this forum and really excited to be here! I'm Looking forward to buy a used Honda cx500, it is really cheap on the price (around 600 dollars). The thing is, it's really cheap since the last time the owner used it, it started leaking oil through the cooling fan. He said it...
  5. New owner - What should I be reading?

    Custom How To
    I have a 1982 CX500 Custom with 6200 miles. I had my friend, who's more mechanically inclined help with the purchase/vetting. It's my second bike (first was a 2014 CB300F). I have 2 years of riding experience total. My goal with the CX500 was something that I could ride day one, but really...
  6. Gas leak.

    General Discussion
    So I just took my 1980 cx 550 custom out of storage, and I have been noticing that I smell gas when I ride. It has also come to my attention that the tank will empty without driving it. So my question is where would you look for gas leaks? I do also want to note that I did drop the bike last...
  7. '81 CX500 Coolant system issue

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello All! I am posting today due to a coolant issue with my bike. I feel that I have exhausted all options, but maybe I can get some help. The Story One afternoon, I was riding. Coolant was spraying from the Front-lower-right side I'd the radiator (near drain plug) Tested the radiator, it...
  8. 79 cx500 w/cam chain tensioner? bike with great parts for sale?) NOLA

    Deep South Riders
    Ok, so my last post caused quite a stir, hope this is more politically correct for the mods and readers... I rode my 1979 CX500 Deluxe from Seattle through the north borders (ND, Minnesota, wisconsin, Michigan, NY, and down into Mississippi) About 300 miles from my destination (New Orleans)...
  9. Technical help for a noob - RPM & cam chain questions

    Technical Help Forum
    I got my cx500 a few months ago and first time I ever rode a bike was in february. However, I have a degree in mechanical engineering and have always enjoyed DIY stuff so I have some basic knowledge and am trying to do all the work myself. I've fully taken apart the carbs, cleaned them...