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  1. gasket removal scotchbrite attempt

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, I have a gasket/mating surface type of question First here is what I did during my rebuild: I needed to remove the remaining gasket on the heads which was a real pain. I used the permatex gasket remover, let it sit and tried to scrape it with a plastic razor: didn't work at all I then...
  2. Main Fuse Ignition Switch Blow Out

    General Discussion
    So I've read a lot of the threads on here about sorting out electrical problems, but need a bit of guidance on ignition switch problems, and can't find much diagnostic stuff. My main fuse blows out the instant I turn the ignition to on. I've rigged up an LED across the fuse gap, which stays lit...
  3. Speedo or Tach Elimination

    Where Can I Find...
    Hey, I'd like to get rid of one of these gauges. Which raises a few questions: Which one is better to eliminate? Where does the Tach cable go, and can it simply be removed or is there a hole to plug up...? And if the Speedo is better to eliminate, can/should I just leave that little speedo...
  4. Removing front wheel

    Technical Help Forum
    I need some help getting my front tire off. There seems to be a cap (haynes term) over the nut and split pin (right hand side). I can't get this mo-fo off!