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  1. Technical Help Forum
    Hello, This is probably a dumb question, but I cannot seem to remove the turn signals from my 1979 CX500D. I need to paint the rear cowl so I have to pull them off to get the cowl completely free but I can’t figure out how to get them off without damaging the wiring. Specifically the black wire...
  2. CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I am looking to remove this nasty fairing, frankly its not my style. I am unsure of the parts I will need to get and where I can remount the blinkers. This is my first bike and I am learning all sorts of stuff about the engine and throttle in the three days since I picked it up. Let me know if...
  3. Technical Help Forum
    Both the bottom bolts on my starboard front fork - the ones that hold the axle in place at the bottom of the fork - were stripped and I had to cut them to get the front axle/wheel off. I've purchased replacements, but can't get the originals out of the fork! Does anyone have any gems of...
1-3 of 3 Results