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  1. Carburetor Rejet Help - 1978 CX500

    Technical Help Forum
    To start, my 1978 Honda CX500 is literally my first bike. I am 25 and the last time I rode a cycle was when I learned at 15. haha I have shaken off the rust, but this goes to show you just how inexperienced I am and how scarce my knowledge base is. Anyways, the previous owner put in a new...
  2. 1978 CX500 Issues ; First Bike!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone! I just bought my bike about a week ago and it is my first bike. I haven't ridden one in a long time--literally years, but after shaking off the rust, it's like riding a bike (pun intended). Now i'm facing a few problems. The previous owner told me the carburetor needed to be...
  3. Carb Help

    Technical Help Forum
    So i am planning on rejetting my cabs next week. I am completely new to this so i might just sound really stupid. but i cant find a video really or pictures or anything to help me. I want to go up in size for my jets. I am doing a cafe racer conversion and the most popular jet sizes i see people...
  4. Exhaust (muffler) modification project?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I have an 82 gl500 and am currently wanting a deeper more throaty sound. Not necessarily needing it much louder but a little louder is fine. Live in a neighborhood with a lot of bikers. Nobody gives shit to the harley up the block with straight pipes so I think I'm good as far as noise...