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  1. 1978 CX500 - Stator / R-R / Battery Charging - Totally Befuddled

    Technical Help Forum
    Firstly let me say "Howsit" and introduce myself, I am a new owner of a 1978 CX500 sitting in sunny Cape Town, South Africa and I'm obviously new to the forum. I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to gain as much knowledge on my new pride and joy from all you CX500 boffins! After spending the...
  2. Antigravity battery and charging system

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys... So here is sort of a dumb question but... I’m looking to change the battery in my Gl500 with an 8 cell antigravity battery. I was told that I need to get a new regulator and people suggested the mosfet Shindengen FH020AA. Not that this should matter but the bikes ignition system is...
  3. Seemingly too good to be true mosfets

    Technical Help Forum
    I was looking into getting a mosfet rectifier to charge an antigrav battery my assumption would be itsa a you get what you pay for thing and that the ones on ebay for $50 are of a lesser quality than the ones listed for $100+...
  4. voltage regulator rectifier relocation?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Here's what we are working with lads, sorry for the bad pics but I believe this little guy that's positioned next to where the battery used to be is called the voltage regulator rectifier. Where the h*** can I move this stupid thing to????? I'll be moving the battery to a spot kinda under/behind...
  5. Charging System Problems

    General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 1979 CX500C The bike ran perfect, then last week randomly died. After a boost it started and got me home. Figuring it was a bad battery I bought a new one. Ran great for a few days then, again died. Once boosted it runs fine till it's turned off. Then won't have enough power to...
  6. Is the regulator unit grounded to the frame?

    Technical Help Forum
    I've done some extensive rewiring and ditched the original mounts, so I can't check it anymore... I know there is a ground wire hooked up to the regulator, but is the regulator housing supposed to be grounded or isolated?..or does it not matter? I tested the continuity between the housing and...