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  1. Selling and Buying Forum Made in the USA. Raw Aluminum. Optional black powder coating.
  2. Selling and Buying Forum
    Fits CX500 Deluxe and Custom models No welding. Several in stock. Optional black powdercoat All In One Under Seat Battery Box | Electronics Tray CX500 |
  3. CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi guys, I'm new here. Just acquired a 1979 CX500 Custom. I have plans to bring this thing back to life. It seems to be pretty clean for its age and the fact I rescued it from a life of neglect in a buddy's backyard. This is my first bike so I'm looking for a little guidance. I want to update...
  4. Selling and Buying Forum
    Only 2 of these specific boxes available. Includes new mounting hardware shown. For Deluxe and Custom models. Visit to purchase. Other custom designed parts available as well. Any questions, just message me.
  5. Technical Help Forum
    Looking for a small batter that can utilize the stock rectifier. Information - Building an electronics tray for solenoid,CDI, wiring. Willing to make second box if needed for lead acid battery to stand straight up. Plan on upgrading turn signals/brake lights/headlight.
  6. Technical Help Forum
    Firstly let me say "Howsit" and introduce myself, I am a new owner of a 1978 CX500 sitting in sunny Cape Town, South Africa and I'm obviously new to the forum. I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to gain as much knowledge on my new pride and joy from all you CX500 boffins! After spending the...
  7. Technical Help Forum
    I was looking into getting a mosfet rectifier to charge an antigrav battery my assumption would be itsa a you get what you pay for thing and that the ones on ebay for $50 are of a lesser quality than the ones listed for $100+...
  8. Technical Help Forum
    Hey Guys, I am the newish owner of a 1979 cx500 custom with 22k miles. Everything is working but the charging system. I've redone the carbs using Larry's carb book, replaced coils, spark plugs, and new gel cell battery. It's running great besides the battery not charging. At first, I thought it...
  9. Technical Help Forum
    Hi CX500 friends! Here's another no spark thread. After doing some research and reading other threads, I've decided to create another thread because I have a G8 stator and ignitech on a '78 bike. Not sure if that is going to make a difference, but alas, here's the new thread. Story: I drove...
  10. CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Here's what we are working with lads, sorry for the bad pics but I believe this little guy that's positioned next to where the battery used to be is called the voltage regulator rectifier. Where the h*** can I move this stupid thing to????? I'll be moving the battery to a spot kinda under/behind...
  11. Selling and Buying Forum
    OFFERS EXCEPTED ON ALL PARTS, Need to clear out. You pay any postage and choose type of postage :icon_thumbright: <-- Honda VT125 Rear Seat maybe for custom seat on project? <-- Honda VT125 Front Mudguard (1 bolt sheared off, 4 bolt to attach) again maybe for a custom project
  12. General Discussion
    I'm getting poor or erratic power under 3k rpm. If I start from a stop I have to wind up the throttle to 3k and launch myself forward. I'm used to it now and the bike is still very ride-able but I want to fix it. I replaced the stator a few years ago then parked the bike for four year (not...
1-13 of 13 Results