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  1. Selling: Honda CX650 Eurosport, Rebuilt

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    Selling: Honda CX650 Eurosport, Rebuilt
  2. '81 CX500 Carburetors, Cone filters, 90/120, Boots

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    These came off my '81 CX500 Deluxe. They were rebuilt and polished by LRCXed a few years ago and ran great. But I replaced them with a set of Murray's carbs. They've maintained their high polished look. Are jetted 90/120. Come with K&N tapered cone filers and boots (no leaks). And they...
  3. '81 CX500 carburetors, filters, intake boots, and rebuild book

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Set of '81 CX500 carburetors, filters, intake boots. Had been rebuilt by LRCXed Larry a couple years ago, hence the high polish. Clean inside/out. Includes K&N filters, intake boots, and custom laminar flow elements (goes inside filter). Also includes carb rebuild book written by Larry. Take...