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  1. Salvaged Motor Project

    Technical Help Forum
    I picked up what I believe to be a 1982 CX500 motor from a buddy of mine. The motor came from a bike that was total in an accident, and as salvage yard do, they sliced all wires right at the rear cover. I've downloaded SEVERAL wiring diagrams for the bike but unfortunately they haven't helped me...
  2. Reinstalling rear engine cover

    Technical Help Forum
    I'm having a lot of trouble reinstalling the rear engine cover - I spent a diligent hour trying to get the damn thing back on. I've installed a new timing chain, mech seal and oil seal. I'm considering that maybe I don't have the fly wheel seated all the way onto the tapered crank shaft but...
  3. PrBefore Fitting Reear Cover Gear Check

    Technical Help Forum
    Have just completed the 'triple by-pass' on my '80 CX500A. Before I install the rear cover, all the threads say to check that the gears are all there but I am unable to get any by turning over the motor and pushing either up or down on the selector lever. No disassembly of any gear selector...
  4. GL500i SilverWing 1981 rear cover oil leak

    General Discussion
    I just bought a 1981 GL500i. I love the bike and want to overcome the hidden flaw. I bought it from a guy that had three and said this one was just sitting and not going to good use. After a few hundred miles the rear cover started to leak up high on the cover. I have done some small stuff...
  5. Rear Cover Bolt Snapped... HELP

    Technical Help Forum
    I was attempting to remove my rear cover for a triple bypass and one of the bolts snapped. How would I be able to remove the threaded part? How would I be able to remove my rear cover?
  6. Please help me identify mystery parts!

    General Discussion
    I took off the rear engine cover to fix a slight oil leak coming from my weep hole. The little round rubber oil seal was ruined (looks like I accidentally squashed it at some point when I did my stator swap). Anyway, when I was wiping up all the oil I found two little parts hanging out in the...
  7. Triple bypass questions for CX500 turbo

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    I started the triple bypass process on one of my 2 turbos. Learning a lot about the bike. Anyway, Engine is out. That was an interesting experience but it actually went pretty good. I did not set any speed records, LOL. But it is out. I have questions in the following areas: 1) I...