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  1. Honda CX650 ED Rear Brake Caliper and master

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, New to the forum, I bought my CX650 a couple of weeks ago and have begun the major overhaul. I have completely stripped the bike to find it is in much worse condition than I had been led to believe. The brake calipers are all shot. The fronts have both had the bleed nipples snapped off...
  2. Introduction + Rear Disk Rotor Question

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hi everyone.... I just bought the one and only CX500TC in Israel (American model originally, serial number 833)... if anyone has owned this bike before or would like to know more info about the current status, I'd be happy to provide. Question to the group: The rear disc rotor is showing signs...
  3. Gap between rear brake and wheel

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, I'm just putting this 1982 GL500 back together and I've come across kind of a weird gap between the lip of the rear wheel and the the lip of the rear brake cover/holder. The center hub of the cover just rests on the center of the wheel bearing which means there's a fair ~1/8" cap...
  4. possible to fit an aftermarket rear master cylinder?

    Technical Help Forum
    Have 2 seized rear master cylinders for a 83 cx650e. Both are seized, have tried many things to free them but they're bot working. I'm looking for other options. I've tried loads of penetrant, heat, grease gun, even freezing. The only option I've found to replace it with the original part is way...
  5. Intermittent rear brake chirp??

    Technical Help Forum
    Good morning, folks, When I got this bike last fall (79 CX500, dressed like a silverwing, but that's because it began life as a police bike) both front and rear brakes were squealing a bit, not a terrible amount, but enough to warrant a thorough inspection. Fronts looked fine, nowhere...