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  1. 82' Eurosport, New rear caliper costs half as much as I bought the bike for.

    Technical Help Forum
    I bought the bike a while back as my first project, one of the previous owners had already started work on it and I'd received it already half pulled apart. The issue I'm facing is that it came without a rear brake caliper, which would set me back about $415 AUD (a HUGE amount compared to what I...
  2. CX500D Need help with stand problem. Frame section needed.

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello all! I'm new to the forum and would appreciate any help you could give. I have an extensive background in vehicle repair. I was a mechanic at Honda (4 wheeled vehicles) for about 5 years and worked at other shops before I landed a really good position at my current job. I love to tinker...
  3. Final Drive Unit, will any work?

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm looking to replace the final drive unit (as pictured) as mine seems to be weeping oil from somewhere, and it seem's easier to just replace with a donor one than to fix it. I was wondering can you use the final drive units from any model? or does it have to be from the same. For...
  4. Need a Rear Rotor for CX 500 TC

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a CX 500 Turbo I just purchased. I had one back in 87-88 but had to sell it. I received the bike and after doing a once over I noticed the rear rotor. Their were no pads left! was metal to metal. I'm replacing the pads but I have had no luck in locating a Rotor for the rear. No...
  5. Going mad about rear axel

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a 1982 CX500, have started the mod process by de-plasticing the front, next job was changing the tyres for scrambler type dual purpose....... Went to put rear wheel back on and appears I've mislaid a spacer, axel goes through non-drive rear arm, then tapered spacer then brake hub, wheel...
  6. Tyre size 1981 stand. rear

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, I tried reading all the post about tyre size and it didn't seem like theres was my answer: I have an cx500 1981 standard and I want to put a wider rear tyre on it, anyone can tell what would be the biggest i could fit in the arm? its a 18" wheel. (and yep i know it will make the...