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  1. Where Can I Find...
    I am needing to add a luggage rack to my CX650C. Looking for something that attaches to the current sissy bar bolts. Any suggestions on what aftermarket brand and model that might work?
  2. Selling and Buying Forum
    I have a 1982 CX500 Custom that I bought from a salvage dealer. It was missing a few things, and had a luggage rack in place of the grab bar, but apparently not the right one (maybe it's from a deluxe or something with a frame that's much wider at the back). I got another rack (supposedly from...
  3. Selling and Buying Forum
    Selling my the rack and luggage from my old CX. Available on eBay now. any questions feel free thanks a lot Nat Motorcycle Motorbike Hard Luggage Paniers Rack Lockable from Honda CX500/GL500 | eBay
  4. General Discussion
    Hi! I have 84 CX650 Eurosport and now having difficulty to find Rear Carrier. Although it was popular in Europe, I still can't find something reasonable. What is the best solution for this? I just wanted to mount a GIVI top case. Thank you.
1-4 of 4 Results