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  1. Losing power during ride AND clicky engine

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all. I have a '81 CX500 Deluxe and over the past week my buddy and I were replacing some gaskets for clutch cover and transmission cover. We put it all back together last night, new oil, and water in the radiator. On the way home the bike several times would slowly begin to lose power in the...
  2. Power to the Bike

    Technical Help Forum
    I bought a non running cx500 guy told me it needed battery and spark plug and so I bought a battery and installed it and the bike had no power to it (I checked the battery and its good) anyone know what else it could be?
  3. Honda CX500 Electrical issue.

    Technical Help Forum
    Good morning! I have rebuilt a 79 honda barn find over the past year and took it on its maiden voyage yesterday where I began to encounter some problems. Firstly upon starting the engine seemed ok (a bit sluggish because it wasn't warmed up, fine). Problem 1) I kicked it down into first gear...
  4. 1979 cx500 low top speed

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys, I recently purchased a 79 cx500. I've taken it out on the freeway recently and at about 6-7k rev's I'm only sitting on about 50mph. It has a custom exhaust with a muffler with the baffle removed. I was guessing the lack of back pressure could be the reason for the lack of power? Other...
  5. 1979 CX500C - Hesitation, Low Speed, Sputtering from Stop.

    Technical Help Forum
    I am having trouble finding anything that resembles my issues. I have taken the bike to 3 mechanics and none have solved the problem nor have any ideas as to why it is happening. My bike runs great for about 20 miles. Once warm it starts to lose power (running in first at 6500rpm and only going...
  6. 1981 gl500 runs, but no power?

    General Discussion
    The last time I rode my gl500 was before I deployed in late 2009. I had finished customizing it earlier in the year after over two years of building. Since I got home in late 2010 I've been building my business back up and adding little ones to our family. Today I finally sat down and worked on...
  7. Poor power under 3k rpm.

    General Discussion
    I'm getting poor or erratic power under 3k rpm. If I start from a stop I have to wind up the throttle to 3k and launch myself forward. I'm used to it now and the bike is still very ride-able but I want to fix it. I replaced the stator a few years ago then parked the bike for four year (not...