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power loss

  1. What Have I Done?!!! - A Clutch Fiasco

    Technical Help Forum
    So, I pulled the clutch basket out of my bike and discovered that my suspicions were right (it was actually in much worse condition than expected). My clutch was fried to the point that the fiber disks were deteriorated and started crumbling off of their disks in some chunks, and the steel...
  2. power cuts out over 5000 RPM, have Ignitech installed, is it carberation?

    Technical Help Forum
    I have been bringing a 1980 CX 500 back to life as a winter project. I have had the engine out and replaced the incorrectly installed replacement stator (was installed backwards and the rotor wore through the wiring harness) had the carbs apart several times to clean and adjust. I recently...
  3. Coolant Leak and Loss of Power

    Technical Help Forum
    The answers to these questions may be posted somewhere else, but I couldn't find them, so please forgive me if they are. A little background first. I did a"double bypass," I guess, this past winter. I replaced the cam chain and tensioners and the mechanical seal. After getting it started up and...
  4. 1979 CX500C - Hesitation, Low Speed, Sputtering from Stop.

    Technical Help Forum
    I am having trouble finding anything that resembles my issues. I have taken the bike to 3 mechanics and none have solved the problem nor have any ideas as to why it is happening. My bike runs great for about 20 miles. Once warm it starts to lose power (running in first at 6500rpm and only going...
  5. Possible electrical problems

    Technical Help Forum
    Help! Electrical problems? I've got a '78 CX500 that's been having some strange issues. About a year ago it started acting up. When I would take the bike on a ride longer than 15-20 miles, I would start to experience a significant reduction of power - to the tune of about 50%. At first I...