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  1. Jetting for pod filters and 2 into one Mac pipe, Still lean with 120 and 90

    Technical Help Forum
    I have read the posts recommending 120 and 90 jets as a starting point with pod filters and the 2 into 1 MAC pipe. Bike runes well with this combo but after fires in the pipe upon deceleration. Plugs are indicating a lean burn. The needles on the Keihin VB 28A carbs are non adjustable. What...
  2. Fuel in the Airbox

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everybody, new to the forum and motorcycles in general. Thanks in advance for taking a look, I searched the forums for a solution but couldn't find any answers. Bought an 81 cx500 deluxe a few months ago, Been cafe'ing it ever since. The PO, who had the bike for 2 years, said he only ran...