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  1. No right side spark below 2k rpms

    Technical Help Forum
    So I know a few things going into this problem, I'm looking for suggestions of how to proceed. Bike is a 78 CX500 standard. 1) I've checked for spark and the engine doesn't spark on the right cylinder until 2k rpm. 2) I performed the online stator test and everything passes besides the RH low...
  2. Stator pickups, What are my options?

    Technical Help Forum
    It appears that my high speed stator pickup is not functioning properly. I have an Ignatech and replaced the stock stator with a direct replacement type. What are my options for solving this problem? Are there aftermarket pickups? Can these be eliminated with any aftermarket parts? Thanks.
  3. LH Pickup coils bad?

    Technical Help Forum
    Did a stator test using JC's website (super awesome resource by the way thanks JC :-)) and found out through his site that my LH pickup is faulty 4-5:160 6-5:140 if I buy a new stator are these included? I found this one for $40 Generator Stator Honda CX 500 Custom 1982 CX 500 Turbo 1982...