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  1. Heck Of A Deal - 1979 CX500 Parts Bike

    Selling and Buying Forum
    While doing some horsetrading last week I ended-up with a 1979 CX500 parts bike. The engine will move and most of it is there except for tank and bodywork, seat, handlebars. If you need the parts, this is it for you! $100.00 or trade me something. I have pix. e-mail me at...
  2. FS 83 CX650 Custom for repair or parts - backfires and power loss - in New Hampshire

    Selling and Buying Forum
    SOLD - For Sale $400 OBO - Parts or Repair - Honda 83 CX650 Custom - 23,000 miles, black , ran great until two days ago, had to make a hard stop with quick downshifts to help stop and afterwards lots of back firing and power loss rough idle but still drives. Not sure what is wrong and no tools...
  3. Parts interchange: 79 CXc and 81 GL

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey forum, I'm in the process of putting together an 81 GL500. I just saw a 79 CX500c parts bike for sale, the only things missing are the tank, plastics, and air box as far as I can tell. I'm wondering if the things like the forks, triple tree, starter motor, exhaust headers, motor internals...