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  1. General Discussion
    Hi guys! I'm new at the forum. My name is Axel I'm from Argentina and I recently bought a 1978 cx500 to restore. I am getting the engine done now, and then a few other things i am going to do myself like restoring the wheels, the speedo, brakes, the seat, etc. I want to paint it with the...
  2. CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    When it comes to painting motorcycles, how much paint does it take? For the two tone bikes we have. will 1/2 pint do or do I need 1 pint of each color? Or perhaps 2 pints? Looking for recommendations out there from someone who has done a paint job. I do not really want to end up with...
  3. CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hi there fellow CX' ers I am intending to fill a ding and respray in as near as original Honda pearl white my tank but I do not want to loose the authenticity of having the Honda tank transfer on each side. Anyone know how to get a set of these? AND whilst I have your attention which paint is...
1-3 of 3 Results