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  1. My Electric Fan Conversion

    General Discussion
    So the summer heat combined with worsened traffic resultant of several construction projects involving major roadways in the area has prompted me to make the switch to an electric fan. While I wasn't running into overheating under intended conditions, the mechanical fan is just he opposite of...
  2. 1980 Honda cx500 custom Overheating After 5-10 Miles

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey again forum. Nearly done with a rebuild on a 1980 cx500 custom (picture and video for kicks below!); but just trying to sort out one last mechanical issue. Bike overheats after 5-10 miles of constant riding (assuming wind/temperature are doing basic cooling during the starts). Have...
  3. Overheating and smoking

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    MY 1982 CX500TURBO is overheating and smoking from exhaust and front of engine after running and idling for about 10 minutes.A/F.oil and filter,coolant(50/50)all new and at proper levels.thermostat was taken out and tested good.coolant flows through hoses and pipes.left side chrome pipe gets...
  4. Overheating after carb cleaning

    Technical Help Forum
    Newbie here with an overheating question. Bike is a 1980 CX500D (working on figuring out how to add that to my signature) I just finished cleaning the carbs using Larry's book, and now the bike is overheating (or at least saying it's overheating) extremely quickly. Like into the red in ~5 min at...
  5. Temp/ temp gauge/ cooling issues?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, I am working on a 1979 cx500c. I bought it from a kid recently who told me that there was a temperature issue. He said he was told that it was a mech seal issue in the water pump. I check the engine oil, it all looks brand new. There doesn't seem to be any coolant leaking into the...
  6. CX500 Overheating

    Technical Help Forum
    What's up, everyone! New to the forum, as well as the motorcycle world, so bear with me here. I just bought a 1978 CX500, and since then it has been running pretty hot according to the gauge. So I purchased a new thermostat (New Thermostat GL1000 1100 1500 Goldwing CX500 CX650 GL500 GL650 |...
  7. Overheating and grinding noise from front of engine

    Technical Help Forum
    First off some history. I purchased the bike and rode for about 20 minutes, on my way home, before it heated up. I stopped and checked it. Oil was boiling, because of all the coolant in it. The previous owner, admittedly not mechanically inclined, had put jb weld in the weep hole to "fix" the...
  8. Ignition Switch/Tail Light Trouble

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I've been having some trouble with my bike (83 CX650 Custom) and need a new ignition switch/assembly. When I turn the key the bike doesn't really turn on, I have to do a 1/4 turn back for it to turn on. This was working for awhile until I started going down the highway recently...