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  1. Searching for an oil filter washer/seat

    General Discussion
    I think I lost my old one during a distracted oil change cuz when I went back in there to change the filter and oil last week, the washer/seat was gone. It's this part: SEAT, OIL FILTER SPRING 15414-300-000 I'm willing to pay. I just don't...
  2. Part numbers for GL500 interstate

    Where Can I Find...
    Hello I'm looking for parts for my new GL500 interstate. Eg: passenger seat, oil and air filters, plugs etc. I have encountered differences between the user manual and what people and wesites say. Can anyon ehlp me with a source for part numbers? Or just the parts numbers for the above? Thanx
  3. Is it possible to install an oil filter backwards?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all! Newbie-ish rider here! My dad owns a '78 CX500 and has basically given the bike to me since I've been riding it so often. My predicament is that I'm in the process of changing the oil -- the first time that I've done it on a motorcycle, and I'm all ready to pop the Fram CH6007 filter...
  4. Oil Filter - Napa Gold 1217

    General Discussion
    Just curious, is the Napa Gold 1217 still available? Saw a few posts about it, mostly the reference chart here of compatible oil filters, but threads are from 3yrs ago. Went to Google, and eBay and searched "Napa 1217" and didn't find anything and "1217 Filter" brought up transmission...
  5. 1982 Honda GL500 Clutch Kit Part Number?

    Technical Help Forum
    Does anyone know what the part number is for a replacement clutch kit at Autozone? I found what I was looking for online at Walmart (Walmart Mobile) but I wanted to go ahead and preorder it so I can just pay for it when it gets in and not have to wait over the weekend. Also I glimpsed over a...