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not running

  1. No fuel

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, searched forum for answers to this and couldn’t seem to find a solution. Sorry for posting so soon after joining. I’ve got a cx that had destroyed a valve and chewed up a piston so have rebuilt the engine. It’s all back together now and won’t start. I’ve got a good battery, I’ve got spark...
  2. Power to the Bike

    Technical Help Forum
    I bought a non running cx500 guy told me it needed battery and spark plug and so I bought a battery and installed it and the bike had no power to it (I checked the battery and its good) anyone know what else it could be?
  3. CX500 Not running

    Technical Help Forum
    I have an CX500 motor strapped to a Go kart I just recently got it I drove it a few times until I popped the chain, a day later I washed the kart and fixed the chain. When I went to fire it up I got nothing, I checked for spark I have spark at both plugs (they didnt have much gaping so i gaped...
  4. CX500B Turns over , Sparks , Fuels but does not run.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, Have an issue with the bike not running.:( Both sides of the cylinder spark and I have set the plug gaps to 0.6mm (it says in the book 0.6 > 0.7 ) Checked to see if it was the stop switch, but this works correctly The choke works because you can hear the difference when you pull it...