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not firing

  1. Cylinder Not Firing

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all! New bike owner here. Just picked up an 82 CX500C the other day. Running into an issue with one of the cylinders not firing. Here's the details: While driving the bike home after the purchase, the right side cylinder kept going out intermittently. It would run for a while, then die...
  2. Seems to be an Ignition problem

    Technical Help Forum
    So at this point my bike has been down for over 6months between all the issues that suddenly showed up. I previously removed the tank to seal a hole that started opening near the petcock. After sealing the tank and trying to get it started again it was having carb issues, so I've pulled it...
  3. Carb rebuilt and STILL not working

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, New user and new to motorcycles. I've been working on my 1980 CX500c for a while trying to get it running. I saw it ride 2 years ago when I bought it but It hasn't worked since. As I've gathered from most troubleshooting forums, the carbs are the issue. So I got myself a Carb...
  4. honda cx400c not firing right cylinder help

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello to everyone in the group.. i am currently rebuilding a cx400c ti ignition.... this bike seat for 7 years. previews owner stop riding because of a rattling sound... well i bought the bike and start stripping it.. i found broken tensioner and flywheel... i have done a triple by bass to...
  5. Ignition coil replacements

    General Discussion
    Ignition coil replacements/Left cylinder wont fire Hey guys, So my left cylinder stopped firing a couple days ago and my bike will not idle with out full choke. I have gone threw a couple other threads on here and checked a few things on my bike and have come to the conclusion that the...