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no start

  1. CX500 Not running

    Technical Help Forum
    I have an CX500 motor strapped to a Go kart I just recently got it I drove it a few times until I popped the chain, a day later I washed the kart and fixed the chain. When I went to fire it up I got nothing, I checked for spark I have spark at both plugs (they didnt have much gaping so i gaped...
  2. No start even with ether

    Technical Help Forum
    I picked up a 79 cx500 custom that was not running and had the carbs off. I rebuilt the carbs and reinstalled them. I also adjusted the valves for good measure. I am pretty confident in my work as I was a small engine mechanic for a few years and have been working on engines since before I could...
  3. 82 cx500c no start, has spark

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey I have a 1982 cx500 that i just picked up. It has sat for the last 7 years but ran when parked. I put new gas and new plugs in and it wont start. It will Crank and crank but never start or even back fire. I poured some gas in the spark plug hole to help but it only runs on that gas and...
  4. Cranks No Start

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hi there, I have a 1982 CX500TC that is giving me some problems and hope you folks can help get it running. Here is what I know so far. When trying to start, in neutral, engine attempts to fire but only for 2-5 revolutions (on first attempt after sitting). Fuel pressure is at 35psi and pump...