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  1. Left home with this...and came home with this !!!

    General Discussion
    I left home with an old aluminum canoe and a Yamaha kids acoustic guitar and came home with a CX650E that had been a yard ornamant for ALOT of years. The owner kept refering to the bike as "HER" (Christine, lol?). No title and the bike hasn't had a plate in it in 26 years...and that was from...
  2. New GL500 owner! I have my work cut out for me.

    General Discussion
    Welp. After four years of wanting a bike, I'm finally getting one. I've been lurking for a while so I feel it's time I posted and asked some questions potentially. I'm buying my friend's 1982 GL500 Silverwing. 38k miles. Will end up paying about $450. She's not in good shape at the moment, but...
  3. New Member Looking at a GL on craigslist

    General Discussion
    Greetings fellow CX & GLers, I did some minibike, dirt bike and street riding in high school and college but sold my bikes because I needed the cash. Now some 30 years later I'm finally at the place where I can get back into motorbikes. After weighing pros and cons and what kind of riding I...
  4. Cafe racer/ seat from /

    Where Can I Find...
    Hey. Im new here and to the whole world of Cafe Racer. I just bought a seat from but it does not fit... anybody tried that before...? Any good places to buy parts from? (I used Ebay and Aliexpress)
  5. Hello... New to the forum

    General Discussion
    Hello all. I'm new here and I'm trying to learn all I can about the cx500. I haven't been on a bike in over 15 years and I'm looking at buying an '81 cx500c. I have looked at the bike and it has around 12k miles, it leaks a small amount of fuel near the petcock, may or may not have a slow...
  6. Gods help me, I just bought a bike.

    Build Threads
    Hello folks! I've just made a terrible, wonderful mistake. I'm buying a Craigslist CX500, 1981, with a pile of bodywork and a parts bike alongside. Have I ever owned a motorcycle? Nope. Have I ever ridden a motorcycle? Only on the back. Do I even have a driver's license? Oh hell no! I bicycle...