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  1. Buying an '82 Silver Gl500

    General Discussion
    My buddy is selling is 82 Silverwing. Runs great. Rides good. He is a mechanic and keeps up on the oil changes, tune ups etc. The bike seems to be in alright condition cosmetically. I am wondering what common issues potentially could arise, what bolt on performance parts are available, what the...
  2. New owner of a CX500 Custom

    General Discussion
    Greetings. I have recently acquired a 1980 CX500 Custom with Vetter fairing. Its definitely in need of love and no where near road ready. Most urgently she needs keys, battery, ignition button, front brake fluid resivoir assembly, and mirrors. The brakes need to be bled and the windshield has a...
  3. '79 CX500 Project

    Build Threads
    Hello, New to the whole forum thing, but I recently bought a '79 CX500 and plan do slowly do a few changes/mods to it. I got it for $700, it runs & drives, needs a new battery, the choke is froze, and a fuse. The previous owner gave me a few other goodies which I can post later. I have the NJ...
  4. New owner/rider need help left petcock on

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, Starting out real strong. Picked up a 1980 cx500 custom for cheap yesterday, and left the petcock on overnight (9 hours). Looks like some fuel has leaked. I checked the oil and it was pretty low, below the crosses on the dipstick so I dont think too much leaked into there. Is this...
  5. Just signed up!

    General Discussion
    i just bought a 1981 GL500 with 31000 KM on her (My first motorcycle). She needs a little bit of work. Mainly just the rear monoshock. headlight and, front signal light. Only thing i'm have a hard time finding is the battery cover.
  6. Newbie 82 HOnda GL500 Owner

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys. Just got an 82 gl500 2 weeks ago. I have never rebuilt anything and Am looking forward to the challenge. Ended up getting a running gl500 for $400(maybe overpaid maybe not. Oh well) Here are the issues I have seen so far and the potential solution to this problem. (I have little...
  7. New GL500 owner! I have my work cut out for me.

    General Discussion
    Welp. After four years of wanting a bike, I'm finally getting one. I've been lurking for a while so I feel it's time I posted and asked some questions potentially. I'm buying my friend's 1982 GL500 Silverwing. 38k miles. Will end up paying about $450. She's not in good shape at the moment, but...
  8. Please help! 78 cx500

    Technical Help Forum
    Just bought a cx500 and I dont know where to start. I dont know if it runs beacuse they guy didnt have keys for it. I bout a new ignition lock and im waiting for that to come in. Where should I start on trying to get it running?
  9. First Bike: 81 CX500C - General beginners questions

    General Discussion
    Hi there, I just got my first bike had a couple of questions about maintaining it and some things I noticed since I've been riding. I was actually on a ride when it cut off on me. I took off the oil cap and all this oil started coming out and it smelled like gas. My buddy says I need to...
  10. New GL 500 Silverwing Owner

    General Discussion
    I am new to this forum so greetings. I guess like everyone, I had a great interest in owning a Honda GX or GL 500 that finally led me to buying one. I was fortunate to find one is good shape. Looks almost new, expect for the 30 plus years of minor wear and tear. My one question to all you...