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murray carbs
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  1. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, This is my first post, thanks for all the information I have picked up already. This seems like a great community. I am planning on upgrading my CX650c that I picked up last fall. I ordered some Murray’s carbs and the h box bypass pipes. I just want to make sure there isn’t...
  2. General Discussion
    Looking for something similar to the mikuni’s. For the build on a bit of a budget.
  3. Selling and Buying Forum
    I bought these carbs on august 23rd last year to put them on my bike but I mounted them and changed my oil and found coolant in my oil before riding so I took them off and they have just been sitting around so I'm here to sell them for 50 bucks less than member price. they're brand new all...
1-3 of 3 Results