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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I just recently purchased a 79 Honda CX500C that I both totally love but also realize I have a few kinks to work out. I’m awaiting a new oem petcock because the old one leaks. I’m also running into an idling issue where I have to keep my choke and throttle pulled but I’ve seen some...
  2. CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Alright, I understand the purpose of the H-Box. For this reason I intend to keep it on the bike. However, the megaphone mufflers of my 79 CX500C are in need of replacement. I don't like their look and would like to add something that looks a bit more clean (clean, referring to the look, not the...
  3. Technical Help Forum
    Well, not sure if I made a correct title of this thread, and for the questions. Ok, like this: My CX650, originally I did not notice any differences between two cylinders. Because the original H-section connecting two mufflers from two cylinders, so I could not know any abnormal signal between...
  4. Selling and Buying Forum
    These have to go. $50 shipped. They may fit 1978. - Not 100% sure what year they are. They say "Campbell Replacement Silencer Made In En" the rest is where the bracket is welded in.
  5. Technical Help Forum
    My bike came with the baffles knocked out of the exhasut. I tired two J&P Cycles® 4″ Long Mini Pipe Baffles, but they don't make any difference. Does anyone know of any other solutions?
1-5 of 5 Results