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  1. New Exhaust Gaskets Fixed Everything

    General Discussion
    Recently I've been trying to get Jenny's carbs dialed in as perfectly as I possibly can. I have the carbs synced with virtually 0 difference using a DIY water manometer. The engine evened out noticeably after the sync, but I was still getting symptoms of a lean condition. The engine was...
  2. Making Loud Exhausts More Quiet

    Technical Help Forum
    I purchased a pair of Megaphone exhausts for my rebuild a few months ago (now beyond return warranty) and after having them fitted and run for a while it turns out they are far too loud. I have looked at them for a while and doubt that they could be disassembled to add a plate to the baffle. The...
  3. Exhaust reducer sleeve (stock header, aftermarket exhaust)

    General Discussion
    I"m installing aftermarket shorty slash-cut mufflers on my cx500 (the h-box and original mufflers are gone). I'm using murray's quick build exhaust pipe.I know lots of you just weld the quick build pipe to the stock headers... my headers are in very good condition and I don't want to weld to...
  4. Muffler Brackets - Univeral Fit for Upswept Sportsters

    General Discussion
    I'm removing the box under the bike and getting Murray's upswept pipes for a pair of Harley Sportster mufflers I bought used last Fall. Pipes not ordered yet, waiting for a total from Murray because I'm in Canada, so can't measure anything yet in terms of buying/making a bracket. Just wondered...
  5. Exhaust system Baffle remove.

    General Discussion
    Exhaust system cat remove. Would this do anything to the back-compression of the bike. The engine is standard except for the Harley Davidson exhaust. I have a 1981 Cx500.
  6. Quiet Mufflers

    Technical Help Forum
    Yup... quiet... I want a bike so quiet it could sneak up on a Ninja! Well, some noise is ok. Anyways... '79 CX500 Standard, and it's missing the mufflers. Right now I just need them on to get the bike running and not angering the neighbors. Winter, I'll take it down to the frame and when done...
  7. Exhaust (muffler) modification project?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I have an 82 gl500 and am currently wanting a deeper more throaty sound. Not necessarily needing it much louder but a little louder is fine. Live in a neighborhood with a lot of bikers. Nobody gives shit to the harley up the block with straight pipes so I think I'm good as far as noise...