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  1. Using a modified H-Box (without the inner tubes)

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys, Here is my story. I bought a CX500C 1980 in parts. The bike had sit a while outdoor but it's still pretty in good shape beside some parts. One on them is the H-Box. In my hands, when I shook it, I could hear the inner tubes loose in there. I managed to cut a hole in there and I was...
  2. New Zealand 1978 CX500 - Cafe/brat build

    Build Threads
    Hi all, Great forum, its been a huge help. I'm about a year through my build now and currently modifying the frame. The end is near and I'm hopeful to have it ride-able in the next few months. My intention is to document the full build on my blog, so check back soon as I'm updating it regularly...