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  1. Firing on one cylinder

    Technical Help Forum
    New bike to me starts and idles but it’s choppy. First day I cleaned the carbs, and replaces the Spark every project. Still wast running great, so I unplugged the plug caps one at a time and the left hand cylinder isn’t firing. Should I replace the ignition coils? What’s my plan of...
  2. Weird hesitation at part throttle

    Technical Help Forum
    Howdy there my CX fam....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So my bike, beautiful beast, currently runs like garbage down the crap chute So I've gotten a weird hesitation at part throttle, gets worse with heat I have an ignitech unit installed So I had a look at the spark plugs Black as burnt toast thats...
  3. Oil on Spark Plug / running on 1 cylinder

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone. I have a 1981 CX500C. Sitting on the bike, the left cylinder is firing fine. The right side isn't firing at all. Coils were swapped to ensure that the Rae-san ignition wasn't fouling up. Cranked it up and the left side still ran fine. The right side wasn't firing. Changed plugs on...
  4. The Reason Behind My Lazy Left Cylinder?

    Technical Help Forum
    So it would seem that the right side of my engine is running perfectly but the left side is still not going properly. It will vary from misfiring and backfiring to running fully but really weak. I have tested my CDI box and both plugs are creating a spark. I also swapped around the Ignition...
  5. engine misfiring after rejet

    Technical Help Forum
    alright so i recently took out my airbox and installed K&N pod filters along with 85/120 sized jets and new shorty mufflers. my bike still runs just a tad lean but im not really worried about it at the moment. occasionally (about 2 or 3 times per hour riding) my bike will misfire. its never...
  6. CX 650 Left hand cylinder misfire til warm

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi there CX fans worldwide. I rebuilt my CX 650E over a year ago and still have issue with it starting on one cylinder with lots of popping on the left hand (LH) cylinder until it fires evenly after about 3 to 4 mins as it warms up . Once warm and ridden it will always start on both cylinders...