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luggage rack

  1. Lose the luggage rack

    Technical Help Forum
    I just acquired a 1979 CX-500 in very nice shape. I won't be using it to haul stuff or commute, so I want to get rid of the luggage rack that sticks way out the back. I am pretty sure it is a factory accessory, because the turn indicators attach to it. In the Owners Manual that I acquired on...
  2. CX500 Eurosport luggage rack

    Garage Wall
    I have recently purchased a Eurosport 500 in Ireland. I live in the USA. To make it instantly useable as a means of transportation I would like to fit a luggage rack to it. It needs to be strong enough to hold a Craven topbox. Does anyone know what luggage rack (carrier) would fit? Does anyone...
  3. Want to buy backrest and luggage rack for 1979 CX500 Custom

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I'm looking for a backrest and luggage rack for my 1979 CX500 Custom. Does anybody have one for sale, reasonably priced? Thanks! Ray GOT ONE! "Thank you" to those who responded. Ray