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  1. Selling and Buying Forum
    I already have the Hondaline chrome luggage rack for my cx500 (example in the picture) but I'm hoping to get the backrest for it as well. I'm open to buying it as a set and finding the rack a new home.
  2. Selling and Buying Forum
    Get that custom look with this rack. Rugged and Strong. Optional 9" diameter plate to create that custom look with your seat. Other diameters can be manufactured for your design. You can buy it at the link below. Universal Luggage Rack |
  3. Selling and Buying Forum
    Coming soon !!! Click thumbnails for high resolution photos and zoom in. Scramblers but not limited. Not on the website yet. I realize the 3D model bike is not a cx500 but it is just for a visual for the rack I am manufacturing . Mounting brackets may vary as many customize their bikes so...
  4. Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello all, over the winter I've done some tinkering and ended up with a collection of parts/accessories I no longer need, as I have slowly customized to my tastes. They aren't pretty, but they're also not ugly. I have: A Vetter Vindicator fairing in black with intact wiring harness and keys for...
  5. Selling and Buying Forum
    Wtb - luggage rack / back rest for a 1980 Cx500 Custom. I am in Australia but happy to pay for postage... Cheers Shane
  6. Where Can I Find...
    Looking for a luggage rack or some thing to strap my pack down, any ideas?
  7. Technical Help Forum
    I just acquired a 1979 CX-500 in very nice shape. I won't be using it to haul stuff or commute, so I want to get rid of the luggage rack that sticks way out the back. I am pretty sure it is a factory accessory, because the turn indicators attach to it. In the Owners Manual that I acquired on...
  8. Garage Wall
    I have recently purchased a Eurosport 500 in Ireland. I live in the USA. To make it instantly useable as a means of transportation I would like to fit a luggage rack to it. It needs to be strong enough to hold a Craven topbox. Does anyone know what luggage rack (carrier) would fit? Does anyone...
  9. Selling and Buying Forum
    I'm looking for a backrest and luggage rack for my 1979 CX500 Custom. Does anybody have one for sale, reasonably priced? Thanks! Ray GOT ONE! "Thank you" to those who responded. Ray
1-9 of 9 Results