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  1. Has Anyone Here Used a Speedcell LiFePO4 Battery

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey folks, i've searched the site for Speedcell batteries but come up with nada. Was curious if anyone has used/seen a speedcell battery in a cx500. They are Lithium iron phosphate used in racer bikes i think... Wondering if these can be used with our bikes, and of course, I know this would...
  2. eBay Lithium Battery Questions

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, Does anyone know if this will be ok for my 1980 CX500A? Lightweight motorcycle lithium battery ONLY 421g Replace 12N5-4B 12N5.5-4A AGM | eBay The CCA is 180 amps and the maximum charge voltage is 14.9 which should be fine with the stock voltage regulator. Thanks in advance, this...
  3. Lithium ion batteries

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, i have a 1982 GLl500i and am looking to get a lithium ion battery for it, i just wanted to know if anyone had some suggestions of brands to use. I primarily wanted a lithium ion battery because i'v herd they are typically small and can be turned on their sides. That being said if...
  4. Batteries. Time for an upgrade.

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hey guys so my battery needs a change. Now I know im supposed to find a 12v 14amp/h lead acid... but i would like to get some opinions. These Li batteries are so light and a smaller pack would be nicer if i hid in it during the rebuild. That said electrics are the biggest weakness in my...