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  1. Battery compatible with stock Rectifier.

    Technical Help Forum
    Looking for a small batter that can utilize the stock rectifier. Information - Building an electronics tray for solenoid,CDI, wiring. Willing to make second box if needed for lead acid battery to stand straight up. Plan on upgrading turn signals/brake lights/headlight.
  2. How do i handle all this wiring?

    Technical Help Forum
    Picked up a stock bike 1980 CX, i want to Cafe the bike. I took out the air box and am Re Jetting along wit some K&N Pods. But how the hell do i handle all this wiring. Its a little over whelming. My goal is to have a pretty clean side profile. And im worried i dont have enough space on the...
  3. replacement turn signal doesn't blink

    General Discussion
    I had to replace one of my turn lights. and I can't figure out the wiring. The way I have it set up right now, the light will get brighter, but it will simply stay bright until I shut it off, instead of blinking the way it obviously should. Additionally, the rear signal doesn't do anything...
  4. Indicators not working correctly, very confused. Anyone have any ideas?

    Technical Help Forum
    So basically the indicators work fine when the bike is on but the engine isn't running. However as soon as the engine is running the indicators blink once and stop. What could be causing this?
  5. More ignition switch problems, any ideas?

    Technical Help Forum
    So I finally found a new ignition switch and it seems to be in decent condition. The issue I'm having is that there appears to be a bad connection somewhere, neither the headlight nor the tail light come on when in the ON position. The tail light comes on when in PARK but not the headlight...
  6. 1981 GL500 Headlight Dim on fairing

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello All - great group - taking a chance on this: 1981 GL500 - Made it through the Canadian winter seemingly OK - Except: My front headlight, on the Shadown Royale Fairing - has gone dim - this happened at the end of last season. I had a spare headlight, which I recently connected to the same...
  7. Headlight

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, I'm purchasing a new headlight for my 1980 CX500. I'm wondering what the best type of headlight is for a bike...LED, Halogen, Filament? Difference in voltage, wattage? There are a lot of choices out there, I just want to make sure I get a nice, bright headlight that won't die in a year...
  8. Running Light Issues

    Technical Help Forum
    I just purchased a 79 custom and I noticed that the running lights are not working. Both front a rear blinkers are working, but no running light. I checked the grounds and they look good. I check the bulbs and they look good. Unfortunately that is the extent of my electrical knowledge. Any...