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left cylinder

  1. Left exhaust weaker and backfiring.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, sorry I know it looks like I'm posting question after question but I am dying to get my project finished. I think the best way to explain it is that the right side runs consistently with a solid "thud" from the exhaust every moment whereas the left side is more of a "puff" with a...
  2. Carburetor insulators (boots) Left insulator not in production, options?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone! I'm working on a 79' Custom. As is with older bikes, especially not well maintained ones, the old, original carburetor insulators (boots) cracked. Normally I just order an OEM replacement and move on. However, while Honda still manufacturers the right insulator, the left one is no...
  3. No left cylinder fire 1981 cx500c

    Technical Help Forum
    I trying to diagnose poor revving with my bike I realized my left spark is not firing. After a shortish test ride the left side exhaust wasn't near as hot as the right so, I pulled the plug and checked for spark. No go. I did the CDI Ignition test and my results for 3, 7, and 9 were low. also...