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  1. Ballistic EVO2 8 Cell Alternative

    Technical Help Forum
    I believe these batteries are discontinued. I ready liked the iver size and weight of the battery. And the EVO3 Seems like they are larger. i will be updating the rectifier. I live in a warm environment. I will be using a battery tender when not riding. I am updating all my lights to LED.
  2. Wiring in LED Headlight

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys first time poster here so if you need more info just ask. I have a 1982 cx500 custom. I have an LED headlight with integrated turn signals that I am trying to get to work. The main three prong plug works perfectly for the high and low beams. It's the remaining wires I'm having an issue...
  3. Xtreme Yellow H4 Bulb

    General Discussion
    For the rainy winter months I've pulled out my LED headlamp and replaced it with this from Hella. H4 Xtreme yellow. Much less eye strain with wet roads, rain, signage reflection... Looks great, works great. We get a lot of fog where I live in the fall and winter, I don't need 6500k of bright...
  4. 4 Wire, LED Turn-Signal/Brake-Light Installation

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, First post here on the forum. Just recently purchased a 78 CX500 and working on some mods/upgrades. I purchased the bike with no turn signals, but i'm installing a LED Turn-Signal/Brake-Light combo (turn and brake light are same unit) that are 4 wires a piece and i'm curious if...
  5. LED Turn Signal Issues (PLEASE HELP!)

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all, I'm new to the forum but have been consulting it since I got my first CX about 3 months ago. I am just buttoning up my cafe build and have installed LED strip turn signals in the front and rear. I have bought an LED compatible relay that should be allowing my turn signals to blink...
  6. changing out my signal/running lights

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, I'm in the process of switching out my signal and running lights to something a bit smaller on my 1980 deluxe, but I've run into some issues. I'm pretty new to all this stuff. The rear signals are done and fine but when I went to switch the front ones I put in the single filament...
  7. LED turn signals not working even with new electrical flasher

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello All, I've read through many of the threads on installing LED turn signals and I can't find one that addresses the problem I'm having. I purchased these turn signals: 4 x Motorcycle 12 LED Turn Signal Indicators Lights Light Universal New EP98 | eBay as well as this flasher relay: Buy...