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  1. Gas Cap Leak

    Midwest CX500 Owners
    I recently completed my 1978 cx500. It was a rigorous 6 month build. Bad news is, when I ride, there is a slight leak of gas out of the top of the tank. I am replacing the rubber gasket. The problem I believe that is occurring is one that a new gasket will not fix. Around the top of the tank...
  2. Radiator leaking/ not holding coolant

    Technical Help Forum
    Recently purchased and been riding a 82 cx500c. Everything has been fine until I attempted to take it out of town for the weekend. About 150 miles out my radiator started gushing coolant all over my leg. Pulled over at a rest stop, and let my engine cool down and tried filling it back up with...
  3. Coolant weep after storage

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi again everyone! It's been a while, but I've been busy with life and working up the civil-service ladder, and winter... Anyway it's warmer here now and I just took my GL500 out of storage and got it running. Aside from a stone-dead battery that refused to fully charge and was replaced it...
  4. 1980 cx500 custom oil leak question

    General Discussion
    Hello, I'm the new owner to a cx500 from 1980, I've been going over everything and re-sealing, re-greasing and replacing anything worn or broken As I was working on the forks, off the bike, the jack I had under the motor decompressed to the point that the bike leaned down, not falling, but sat...