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  1. Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, I've been working the last year on rebuilding a '79 custom I bought from a barn. At this point almost everything is done, however I wont be able to get the bike certified as it wont turn off when I turn off the key. The kill switch works great, but I took it apart just to be sure, and...
  2. Technical Help Forum
    Howdy All, My CDI's kill switch wire B/W is shorting to ground traced to the last connector leading into the CDI (works as advertised to the last part of the circuit). The bike was idling great, and I was just about to saddle-up on a sunny ride to the store (after bike stored in doors all winter...
  3. Selling and Buying Forum
    Looking for the right hand control of a 82 gl500. Namely the starter button/kill switch control
  4. Technical Help Forum
    Recently had the main fuse blow so I changed it. But with my luck I left it parked outside and looks like somebody tried to steal it because the starter/kill switch was ripped off the handlebars. Kill switch still works but not the start button, have to touch wires to start it. Problem now is...
1-4 of 4 Results