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  1. Jetting for pod filters and 2 into one Mac pipe, Still lean with 120 and 90

    Technical Help Forum
    I have read the posts recommending 120 and 90 jets as a starting point with pod filters and the 2 into 1 MAC pipe. Bike runes well with this combo but after fires in the pipe upon deceleration. Plugs are indicating a lean burn. The needles on the Keihin VB 28A carbs are non adjustable. What...
  2. Carb tuning question

    Technical Help Forum
    I recently bought a CX500 cafe project. The previous owner had pod filters and a really nicely fabricated custom exhaust on the bike but stock jetting (i know, right), so it was running lean as hell. I changed the jets to 90 / 120 mains, which significantly reduced the "lean" symptoms (popping...
  3. High Idle after re-jetting & pods

    Technical Help Forum
    Thanks all for taking a look. I've got my own little headache. I ordered Larry's book and went through my carbs thoroughly, and re-jetted to 90/120 while I was in there. After the cleaning I aligned them the best I could on a granite slab, bench synced them, and have the pilot screws out 2.5...
  4. Carburetor do I adjust?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys! Just took the CX500 out for a ride today and noticed that when I really got into it accelerating up a hill, the engine would pull fine until around 5500rpm and then it would bog down. Almost like it had a rev limiter. The bike runs great and has tons of power up until that point. I...