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  1. Need help tuning carbs on a project bike.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone Have a project 1980 CX500 Custom I've been working on for a couple months now and trying to get it running properly. As of now it starts with the choke on and idles. As soon as I accelerate it dies. I have also seen some white smoke being spit out of the carbs. Ive been messing...
  2. Ordering the correct jet sizes for pod filters/open pipes

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi all, I've found a website: Keihin carburetor jets and parts main jet slow air pilot kit I need to order some 90 slow jets and 120 main jets for my 1980 CX500A and wondered which ones to actually order as there are so many different types? If someone can point me to the right codes for both, I...
  3. 78 cx500 idles fine but dies when I go to take off.

    Technical Help Forum
    OK, getting bike ready for spring riding season. Put in new gas, checked oil, added coolant, stuck battery on charger for a bit just to be safe, etc. Bike starts up and idles like a champ. However when I start to take off it dies. I figured that was a problem with residue clogging the jets in...
  4. 90/120

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi Guys, I'm about to remove my Airbox and replace it with filters. I am aware I need to rejet my carbs but am confused with the anatomy of the jets. Specifically which jets do the 90 and 120 refer to? Sorry I'm sure this would have been covered before! Thanks in advance. Lee - 1981 CX500...
  5. Straight pipes and bell filters. Jet sizes?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I'm in the rebuild section of my CX500C, and have added two short straight pipes that exit next to my feet, and bell mouth filters. I know I will have to change the jet sizes and then adjust the air/fuel mixture screws. But I don't know what sizes of jets to buy or if I will need a different...
  6. engine misfiring after rejet

    Technical Help Forum
    alright so i recently took out my airbox and installed K&N pod filters along with 85/120 sized jets and new shorty mufflers. my bike still runs just a tad lean but im not really worried about it at the moment. occasionally (about 2 or 3 times per hour riding) my bike will misfire. its never...