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intake manifold

  1. 82 Cx500 Custom Intake Boot Bolt

    Technical Help Forum
    Anyone know the bolt specs for the intake boots? Inherited this bike from a friend and it's missing lots of small parts. Looking for the bolt on the "top" of the intake manifold. Apologies for the blurry pic!
  2. gl500 intake boots

    Selling and Buying Forum
    As im sure this has been posted before- apologies in advance. Just trying to get my 81 gl500 to run better and im pretty sure ive got some air leaks. id love to have one less thing to worry about. cx500 boots have aftermarket substitutes but for some reason gl500 boots are ridiculously hard to...
  3. 1983 GL650 intakes fit on 1982 GL500? Drivers backrest / sissy bar for sale or trade.

    General Discussion
    :confused: Is it possible to use the carb intakes from the 1983 GL650 on my 1982 GL500? Or does anyone have some intakes and carbs for sale for the 1982 GL500, I would even be willing to repair / rebuild a ripped set if they were cheap enough. I have a drivers backrest / sissy bar in like new...
  4. GL500 intake manifold question (compatibility with gl650?)

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a GL500 that needs help. The left (longer) intake manifold has a small crack/hole/leak that jbweld just can't be trusted with. I have 2 questions pertaining to this issue... 1: does anybody have one laying around that is in good working order? I don't need the rubber (boot) portion to...