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  1. General Discussion
    Recently while putting my carbs back on my Honda Gl500 my carburetor manifold cracked by the bolt. I am curious to see if there are any alternatives for the GL500 manifolds? or if a CX manifold would work. I have been looking online Honda discontinued making the part and I am not able to find...
  2. Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone! I'm working on a 79' Custom. As is with older bikes, especially not well maintained ones, the old, original carburetor insulators (boots) cracked. Normally I just order an OEM replacement and move on. However, while Honda still manufacturers the right insulator, the left one is no...
  3. Technical Help Forum
    Hey there- I'm new to the forum and relatively new to the CX world. I have an '83 CX650 that I bought in September of 2013; unfortunately, nine days after I bought it, a 16-year old girl (who had gotten her license a week before and was actually on her cellphone) made an illegal left turn in...
1-3 of 3 Results