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  1. Power to the Bike

    Technical Help Forum
    I bought a non running cx500 guy told me it needed battery and spark plug and so I bought a battery and installed it and the bike had no power to it (I checked the battery and its good) anyone know what else it could be?
  2. CX500 Ignition timing check

    Technical Help Forum
    I wonder whether someone has ever checked the ignition timing ( CX500 C, CDI) with aid of a stoboscope lamp ? Would you need such a cap on the inspection opening or would it work without ? Would it be an oily mess without the cap ?
  3. Ignition switch/Ignitech troubles

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi all, So, today I was an idiot and probably fried my Ignitech unit. My ignition switch had been giving me trouble for the last week or so, where the bike would shut off and then turn back on again with a jiggle of the key. Today on my ride to work it was especially bad, dying completely just...
  4. '79 CX500 charging/starting issue.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I have a 1979 CX500C. Everything was running as normal until today. Symptoms: -Battery is charged at 12.8V when ignition off. -Turn key to "ON" position, battery drops to 0.12V (Nothing works). -If charge is put on the battery, everything lights up and works properly (Bike will start...
  5. Ignition Issues (5,000 rpm limit) CDI, stator, pulsar?

    Technical Help Forum
    First off, glad I can be a member of this cx community to take advantage of all your knowledge. I have read tons of threads about stators, CDI, pulsars, etc. Perhaps so many I've got myself mixed up. I know some threads show the ignition system test results, talk about Ignitech, etc. I just...
  6. CDI crapped out, Help!

    General Discussion
    Was out for a long ride on Saturday, bike started to cough and spit then would not run above 4000 rpm. Limped home 20 miles. Swapped out the Ignitec from my other bike and it ran fine. Now need to source another Ignitech Before riding season is over. Does anyone have one for sale? When is...
  7. Have I bought the wrong stator?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys, As some of you may know I had an issue a while back with my cx500 intermittently dying whilst running at higher rpm, this was put down to a dodgy stator. First thing I did was replace the CDI with an Ignitech unit, which means there were a variety of stators at my disposal now... I...
  8. Coil ?s

    Technical Help Forum
    I know the Yamaha YFM80 coils can be used to replace the originals on my CX500, but I've recently seen a listing for 2 others I hadn't seen before. One is listed for a CX500 and is part no IMC0009. The spacing looks correct, and it's twice the price of the Yamaha ones. But not having to add...
  9. Ignition & Charging Upgrade

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, just joined, although have read many posts over the last few months prior to joining and got heaps of info - many thanks to all!! I have a 1978 CX500, previously one owner with 33,000km (approx 21,000 miles) and in very "original" condition, having been left outside in a carport for the...
  10. Help Wiring 6 Pin Replacement Ignition Switch

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, My 78 CX500 I just picked up as a project had no key switch. I went ahead and purchased this Emgo, 6 pin switch and I need help with the wiring. Any help would be appreciated with finding out what pins go where. Thanks
  11. Bike wont turn off with key

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, I've been working the last year on rebuilding a '79 custom I bought from a barn. At this point almost everything is done, however I wont be able to get the bike certified as it wont turn off when I turn off the key. The kill switch works great, but I took it apart just to be sure, and...
  12. Suspected Carb Issue? - Diagnosis Help

    Technical Help Forum
    G'day all, first time post. Understanding that this topic is well covered, I have managed to (as a new rider/mechanic in general) narrow down the symptoms which have niggled away at me since I bought the bike a month ago. So, I've reached a point where the issue seems to be only the left carb...
  13. Wiring CX for starting

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, I need to get an old CX started but the electrics are all dismantled. I've got the original loom (albeit shredded) so it's a case of reconnecting. I've started highlighting what I think is need to get it started and see if it turns over but please let me know what I've missed as I'm sure...
  14. Turns Over Randomly

    Technical Help Forum
    My bike won't turn over unless i start to roll it in neutral like it doesn't realize its in neutral. Any idea what causes this.
  15. Seems to be an Ignition problem

    Technical Help Forum
    So at this point my bike has been down for over 6months between all the issues that suddenly showed up. I previously removed the tank to seal a hole that started opening near the petcock. After sealing the tank and trying to get it started again it was having carb issues, so I've pulled it...
  16. Ignition system

    Where Can I Find...
    Hey everyone, I have recently had my stator go out on my 80 cx500c and when I went in to change it out I noticed the wires on the stator weren't the same. From the research I have done I have come to find that I need to update my ignition system from the original CDI. I found the part at...
  17. 79 CX500 Deluxe | Rae-San Upgrade

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hey Everybody, Was riding out of town last weekend to go to a sweet new Brewery/Restaurant that opened up. Was cruising at 55 no problems, when all the sudden all spark just cut out. I coasted to the side of the road where I could not get the thing going again. I knew pretty quickly that my...
  18. 82 CX500C no spark

    Technical Help Forum
    My 1982 CX500C was working fine for the last few days, but it suddenly stopped working. I tried everything I could think of and finally, with the help of my dad, found out it had no spark by pressing the spark plug to ground and cranking. There is no spark and I don't know why. I'm hearing a lot...
  19. New to electronic ignition, bogging issues.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everybody, first post. Searched the forum for some answers, found some good material but my bike seemed to "pass" the electrical tests. For reference, I primarily work on BMW Airheads. I'm used to points, carb tuning, air cooled, etc. I picked up the CX500 because a friend asked me to help...
  20. More ignition switch problems, any ideas?

    Technical Help Forum
    So I finally found a new ignition switch and it seems to be in decent condition. The issue I'm having is that there appears to be a bad connection somewhere, neither the headlight nor the tail light come on when in the ON position. The tail light comes on when in PARK but not the headlight...