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  1. 79 Honda cx500 6 wire to 4 wire ignition swap

    Technical Help Forum
    i bought a 4 wire ignition switch to try and update the bikes ignition switch and have less key positions does anyone know what i can do with the green wire or with the black and white?(isolate,connect them to another color)?
  2. Electrical System won't shut off...

    Technical Help Forum
    Good afternoon! Yesterday the bike decided to pull a new trick: Staying Alive all night! When I turn the key to the off position the bike's electrical system doesn't shut off. I took apart the ignition switch and tested all the positions. There is good and lack of continuity everywhere as...
  3. Ignition switch issues

    Technical Help Forum
    So I have had my 81 gl500 silverwing for a couple months now and have not had any issues untill this morning. When I turned my key to the "On" position nothing happened. No lights or any indication that my bike had any power. My initial thought was that the battery was dead until I turned the...
  4. More ignition switch problems, any ideas?

    Technical Help Forum
    So I finally found a new ignition switch and it seems to be in decent condition. The issue I'm having is that there appears to be a bad connection somewhere, neither the headlight nor the tail light come on when in the ON position. The tail light comes on when in PARK but not the headlight...
  5. Buying a new ignition switch - Is this guy talking crap?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey, So my ignition switch is shot, wear on the lock means the key barely turns and when it does if I put it in park it blows a fuse. I'm guessing this is caused by a previous owner replacing the contact base with one from a post-81 model. There's also a small drain on the battery in the off...
  6. Electric illogic? Mystery fault search

    Technical Help Forum
    Stock CX500 C with hot battery is dead in the garage. Turned key and the cockpit was dark - no head, gauge, oil or neutral lights, so started down the usual trouble path. Battery pushing about 12.5 volts at terminals. Solenoid hot, starter turns normal when I cross the terminals with...
  7. CX650T Ignition Switch and/or Speedo compatibility?

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    New owner of a CX650T. The main issues with the bike are a broken speedometer and broken ignition switch. Does anyone know if there are any other compatible Honda ignition switches? The one on the CX650T looks a heck of a lot like the one on my CBR600F2. In the same manner, are there any...