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ignition coils

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    I got a pair of these because they seem recommended but they measure at like 3 ohms on the secondary windings where the stock ones measure 7.5. My stock coils are still working it seems. But my CDI seems to have failed. I have a replacement coming this week. Less impedance on the secondary...
  2. General Discussion
    I would like to use a single coil to reclaim the space under the gas tank for an Motogadget M-UNIT Blue. Is there a way to replace the existing 1:1 coil to spark plug with a 1:2 coil that provides the spark to both plugs ? Thank you for your help. Leo
  3. Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, I just buy a cx 500 '84 last december as a project bike, in my place Uruguay (South America) is really hard to get spare parts, right now I am looking for the two ignition coils, OEM or replacements, I' ll really apreciate if someone can give me a link or contact info of a dealer...
  4. Technical Help Forum
    Help! Electrical problems? I've got a '78 CX500 that's been having some strange issues. About a year ago it started acting up. When I would take the bike on a ride longer than 15-20 miles, I would start to experience a significant reduction of power - to the tune of about 50%. At first I...