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  1. CX650c ignition coils

    Technical Help Forum
    First bike and its a bit of a project. Fortunately everything except a few nuts and bolts is there. The electrical has been tampered with and I am on the journey of trying to get spark in my bike. Having tracked wires all over I have found that the culprit is the secondary circuit in both...
  2. Ignitech headaches

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Working on my first cx 500 build and having a great time, I have gotten almost all the way to the end and I have run into an issue with getting it to start. I get a very weak spark when using the stock CDI on both coils. I replaced the ignition coils and got the same result. weak spark. I...
  3. Left ignition coil not sparking CX500

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I just picked up a 1980 CX500 and the left coil wont spark. The right side sparks when it is wired normally. When I swap the pink and yellow cables, the left side still doesnt spark. Which leads me to believe that its just the ignition coil. However, These are brand new. I checked the...
  4. New Ignition Coils for CX500?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I needed some ideas. A couple weeks ago I bought an old 1980 Honda CX500 Custom for a cool $100 and I've been cleaning up the bike aesthetically and repairing other little things as I go. Last week I went to test the spark and I was getting nothing. So I tested the...
  5. Ignition coil replacements

    General Discussion
    Ignition coil replacements/Left cylinder wont fire Hey guys, So my left cylinder stopped firing a couple days ago and my bike will not idle with out full choke. I have gone threw a couple other threads on here and checked a few things on my bike and have come to the conclusion that the...